Growth hacking: our top tips for massive expansion!

Growth hacking: our top tips for massive MLM expansion!

When it comes to Network Marketing, many factors can influence you and your team’s success. From our experience in the industry, these top tips will help take your MLM business to the next level! Grab your notepad and pen and take note! First, once you or your team members get a new recruit, put them through training straight away. Try … Read More

Exactly What MLM Pro’s Say in their First Prospecting Messages


When it comes to prospecting, there are things best to say and things avoid. In this article, we’re focusing on the things you need to cover if you want your prospecting messages to get results. A variety of approaches work, though these depend on the type of person you are prospecting and what they will engage with. You know your … Read More

How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business for the Long Term

How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business for the Long Term

You may have heard stories of network marketers having overnight success and, yes, this can and does happen. But it’s a minority, that’s for sure. Whether you’re just getting into network marketing or whether you’ve been in the industry a while, if you’re looking for a long-term solution, here’s how you should set up your network marketing business. Identify your … Read More

The Mobile App every Network Marketer should be using

pamtree mlm app

What is a “CRM system”? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In short, a CRM system is a software accessed via a website or app that allows you to store all the information you have about clients and prospects in one place. This includes things such as contact Information; pipeline information; sales forecasts; tracking; and messaging history, to list just … Read More