9 Reasons Why You Should Join Network Marketing

Posted by: ross / May 1, 2019 / Posted in
9 Reasons Why You Should Join Network Marketing

As far as industries go, network marketing has to be one of, if not, ‘the best’ – let us tell you why…

Benefit from the products – and the product discount!

Before you join a network marketing company, you should try the products out and make sure you not only like them, but you love them. Why? Because being passionate about the products means you’ll want to use them and you’ll find it easy to recommend them and build your business.

The products in network marketing are generally some of the highest quality in their industries so you’ll usually find a benefit from using the products – and then, of course, benefitting from the large discount you get as a distributor.

No qualifications are needed

Unlike most industries, you don’t need any qualifications, and, in fact, millions who join network marketing don’t have any qualifications. Joining network marketing is like starting up any business; it’s not about what you’ve studied; it’s about your vision and work ethic.

Positive environment

One of the areas that network marketing is miles ahead of other industries is its environment. It promotes a positive, upbeat vibe and it capitalises on the power of the ‘law of attraction’ and reaps the benefits of positive, productive people. Surrounding yourself with this kind of support and positivity can benefit your life in so many ways.

Flexible hours

In 2019, working flexible hours is starting to become more widely accepted, but not many businesses offer the level of flexibility that network marketing does – after all, most start out building their network marketing business around other commitments.

Very low start-up costs and overheads

This is one of the huge differences is between starting a “traditional” business and starting a network marketing business. A “traditional” business often has very high start-up costs and increasing overheads, whereas network marketing has very low start-up costs and overheads – as well as less headache that comes with legal, compliance, product development… and many of the other areas that are taken care of for you by the network marketing company you join.

Uncapped earning potential

The benefit of starting a business rather than a job is that your earning potential is not capped and who doesn’t want to earn money for all the work they do?! It’s the uncapped earning potential that has seen network marketing create more millionaire than any other industry around the world.

Work from anywhere

Being able to work from anywhere doesn’t just apply to those who want to travel the world while building their business, it applies to everyone who wants the flexibility of not having to go to a specific location to work. This could simply mean the flexibility of working from home around your kids.

Personal development

Just like positivity, the personal development of people is heavily promoted in network marketing and is very noticeable when you meet people in the industry and hear their stories. It really can be life-changing so joining network marketing is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, with the support of a large team of positive people, and develop yourself.

Residual income

Who doesn’t want to continue to get paid even after the job is done? Well, in network marketing that’s how it works, you invest your time and effort heavily upfront in building your business and your team, so that you can be earning an income even when you are not working. This is the true power of network marketing and one of the biggest benefits so if you are committed and stick with it you can quite easily benefit from the residual income that comes with the business model.