How to master productivity whilst working from home!

How to master productivity whilst working from home!

So as many people will experience when working from home, you can easily lose motivation and concentration. It just happens! With no boss standing over you from 9-5pm, you can very quickly find out that you simply don’t need to work those long hours anymore. If you can be productive and get all the work done in three hours, then so be it! So, here are our five tips for staying as productive as possible and crushing your workday into less time!

1) Whenever you find yourself drifting away from your work, go for a walk.

A lot of people recommend walking for about 10 minutes during this instance, but we recommend going for about 20-30. This allows you to leave your negative thoughts behind, get the endorphins running and come back to your tasks and truly crush it!

2) Find your most productive time!

This one is from the author of the four-hour workweek, Tim Ferris. Not everyone is most productive during those 9-5 hours, that’s just the norm that’s been dictated to the workforce. You might find that you can really focus and smash out some work around 8-11 in the evening, maybe its 6-9 in the morning; whatever it is, find what makes you feel most comfortable and go with it. If it doesn’t work, simply go back to your original hours.

3) Eat a healthy diet, make sure that you’re getting a bare minimum of five fruit and veg servings per day!

You’ve heard the saying, your body is a machine, and it can’t run on junk food. Make sure that you’re staying hydrated and you’re not consuming too many sugary foods that give you a sugar rush and cause you to lose concentration.

4) Get enough sleep!

There is absolutely no doubt that you are less effective when you are tired, you just can’t seem to concentrate on any task! Make sure that you’re getting about 7 – 8 hours as recommended by doctors worldwide.

5) Exercise!

Just like we mentioned earlier when we suggested taking a long walk, workout for a minimum of three sessions per week, whether that’s at home or at the gym. If you can’t lift weights then simply hop on a running machine or a bike; or maybe just got for a walk, it’s all good for you! This, along with the increased sleep and heather diet, will be sure to make sure that your working from home productivity increases!

We hope you give these tips a go – you really will notice a difference. Be sure to let us know how you get on.

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