Our 9 Favourite Prospecting Tips

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Prospecting is a key part of any successful network marketing business and there are lots of useful tips on the internet and in books from industry experts. Here are our 9 favourites:

1. Look for People with a Good Attitude

Jeff Keller’s book, “Attitude is Everything”, is great and we couldn’t agree more! In network marketing and entrepreneurship that really is the case, so be aware of people’s attitudes. Actively seek out those with a good, positive attitude who are friendly and personable, as the exciting opportunity you have could be right for them!

2. Focus on the Other Person

This is very simple but is a common mistake: focus on the prospect and getting to know them, and stop talking about you – they don’t care! Focus on them, what they want and find a way to align that with the opportunity you have. Then you’re onto a winner.

3. Ask Questions

This ties in with getting to know the person as you can’t get to know anyone if you’re talking at them. Learn to ask good questions that will give you insight in them and their needs. Make a list of 5 questions that will give you insights into your prospects, the answers to which you’ll need to know to judge whether the opportunity you have is right for them.  Learn the questions and use them with every prospect until it becomes natural.

4. Learn to Listen

Don’t forget that there’s no point asking questions if you don’t listen to the answers. You’re only asking questions to understand the person and find opportunities, so make sure you listen well to see the opportunities arising from the responses.

5. Wear or carry something that sparks a conversation

Perhaps it’s a “Lose Weight.  Ask Me How!”  badge like Herbalife suggest or a C9 body cleanse box that Forever Living recommend, but whatever it is carrying or wearing something that will generates curiosity will create talking points as people strike up conversations with you. 

6. Be in demand and don’t give away too much too soon

When talking to prospects, appear in demand and in hurry. Don’t go too in-depth into what you do. This maintains the intrigue.

7. Use F.O.R.M.

F.O.R.M stands for family, occupation, recreation and message and these are four “safe” topics to talk to prospects about while warming them up and getting to know them. 

8. Have a Clear Elevator Pitch

Nail your elevator pitch, a 2 to 3 sentence statement that sums up your proposition. Ensure it’s simple and effective, and leaves them wanting to know more.

9. Don’t lead with your business

Never try to explain your business to people when you first meet them. First, they won’t be interested and second, they probably won’t understand it, so you’ll lose the prospecting opportunity with them. Instead, focus on getting to know them and what they want. Let your business and what you do come at the end of that.

Let us know what’s worked best for you. What are your best prospecting tips for network marketers?

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