If you would like to earn an extra revenue stream from your entire network then our Partnership Program is for you!

Our new Partnership Program enables influential network marketing professionals to earn additional uncapped revenue from their existing network, including but not limited to, their MLM team members, all while supporting the business growth of your network members.

Simply complete the form and we will contact you and confirm whether you have been selected to take part of in exclusive Partnership Program.




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    Earn 25% commission

    Earn an additional uncapped revenue stream by simply recommending Pamtree to your network.

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    From your entire network

    Maximise the return on your entire network not just your direct team members. Earn from every connection you influence, broadening your earning potential.

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    For doing your job!

    Help your team grow their MLM businesses and earn an additional revenue stream. Your team will thank you and we will pay you!

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    Get team insights

    Access team insights and detailed reporting that shows you how your network is performing so you can work with them and put incentives and training in place to ensure their businesses grow.

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    Access via Dashboard

    See how your revenues are growing and keep track of how much commission you are earning, all from a simple to use dashboard, available on desktop and mobile app.