5 Top Tips for Success in Network Marketing

5 Top Tips for Success in Network Marketing | network marketing blog

Self-development is a key to success for all entrepreneurs, especially those in network marketing. Here are five “Top Tips” for success in network marketing:

1. Get clear goals

Every business sets goals to measure its performance and determine whether it is successful or not and you should too. Whether you’re hosting a party, attending an event or prospecting, set yourself clear goals and then work to achieve them. A great tip is first to set yourself smaller, achievable goals then increase your expectation and target each time – that way you’re motivated by the buzz of successfully achieving your goals and this motivation will put you in the right mindset to achieve even more next time.

2. Be aware of who you are talking to the business about, and how often

It is very easy to annoy friends and family by talking about nothing but your business and pestering them to “take a look”. It can damage relationships, cost friendships and give the industry a bad name. That’s not to say you should keep it a secret, after all, this is network marketing so you need to be out there talking to people about your business and products/services. The tip here is to be aware of who you are speaking to, what their initial reaction is and then manage how often you continue to speak about your business based on their interest. If they’re not interested, that’s fine, drop the conversation. Work your business; build it and let them see your success. After all, actions speak louder than words!

Marketing an MLM business is no different to any other business, you need to target people who want what you have to offer, so decide on the kind of people you want to focus on and go after them.

3. Take the time to listen

This is one of the most important tips – it’s very simple, yet super effective! Good marketing is all about researching the market (listening to what your customers have to say) and then providing a solution (offering your products/services) to problems and challenges they are having.

If you listen carefully, you will soon realise that people reveal the problems they face, and quite often you have the solution in your products/services or business opportunity.  People will be more receptive if you’re providing a solution to their problem rather than pushing your own agenda by banging on about your products or business for your own financial benefit.

4. Don’t forget your products/services

There is always a lot of focus on sponsoring new people into the business, and yes, this should be a big focus. However, it shouldn’t come at the cost of losing sight of the products/services that are the foundation of your business. Building a strong, loyal customer base will not only generate regular income but it also will ensure you have ambassadors for your business as your customers will be talking about your products and your business for you. Also, more often than not, you will pick up some sponsors from contacts who start out as customers but who become advocates for the products/services and find themselves naturally recommending them. Earning money for developing these contacts becomes a no-brainer.

5. The fortune is in the follow-up

You may have heard this before, but it’s so true: there is no point in introducing people to your products or business opportunity if you forget to follow up with them as you move on to the next person. To ensure you get this right and don’t mess it up, put a process in place to track your prospecting activity and ensure you know how and when to follow up.

When it comes to sales and marketing, timing is everything, so if you can follow up with your prospects and customers at the right time, you will improve conversion rates and your overall success. This is one of the reasons Pamtree developed its unique prospect tracking feature, as the platform is all about making network marketers more successful by reducing your administration and enabling you to sell more!

As a professional network marketer, please feel free to share your Top Tips below so others can learn from your personal experiences. We’d love to hear your comments.

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