How to build your Networking Marketing list using social media

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How to build your Networking Marketing list using social media

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms to help build your network marketing list.

The reach that social media provides, helps massively to build your business if you feel you do not have enough credibility in your network marketing.
As a new entrant in network marketing, social media helps you to achieve the following in a very short time, which is:

• building authority

• building a brand

• and build a following

Results based on case studies done by individuals proudly say that with the help of social media, they keep getting inquiries about the product, about the company, who are the partner companies, how did successful individuals build their business, how do they build their blog, potential leads, etc.

In this blog, I will be illustrating the benefits about how social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that helps in recruiting business by delivering your message to the target audience –

Network marketers have three target audience – Cold Market audience, Hot Market audience & Warm Market audience.

A. Cold Market Audience (First Target)

The type of people in this category are the ones who do not know you yet. They haven’t heard of your brand or product. Such audiences are the ones who you have to bring into your pipeline and expose your brand. Social media plays a crucial role here for each piece of content put out to attract the type of lead that you want in your business.

B. Hot Market Audience (Second Target)

The type of people in this category are the ones who have prior experience in network marketing. These individuals have said yes to the profession even though they might have been successful or unsuccessful in network marketing. Hence your content here needs to be selective since the audience here is looking out to take this profession up as a full time or a part-time.

Hence, the cold market and the hot market network marketer who has not had success yet are about 50/50 in terms of the potential because, in many cases, the hot market network marketer who has not had success might have had a lot of poor training.

C. Warm Market Audience (Third target)

The type of audience here is the people you potentially know and have had a personal relationship with.

Own a Website

It’s important to have your own blog so that you have a website in order to route your leads generated through social media directly into your website. All contact information can be traced and captured on that website once you have people visiting your blog.

Importance of creating your own list of clients which you had healthy relationships over social media.

We all need to know that we DO NOT have a fraction of control over social media. For example, we start interacting with those people who have commented on pages (eg. Facebook) or posts put up by renowned entrepreneurs who are raging success in the business industry which can help attract a whole lot of people sign up with you. The simplest way of doing so it by making a healthy conversation and interact with them thereby building a strong relationship so that they stick with you. Further, you cannot make a list and add these leads into your list, simply because we do not have control over the social media channel in case the said page/post falls apart, in this case, we will not be able to retrieve the conversations we had with those clients that we build a good relationship with.

Hence, you need to ensure that a list of those clients has been maintained separately by you. Maybe a phone list or an email list. Most commonly this list is known as an asset list by marketers.

“When you have a bill, you can send it to your list.” – Russell Brunson.
So, when we have a bill, and we send it to a list, meaning we promote something in that list, that list pays us, and we use that revenue to pay off whatever that expense is. Russell Brunson business ventures are fully funded from the list that he’s built through his marketing efforts.

An email list is not a lead list, in the beginning, it remains as a subscriber list.

The list prepared by you by gathering a potential client interaction list is simply a one-way communication channel. Hence, we need to ensure that we maintain a good relationship with those potential clients in that list by drawing the attention of these clients in that list by either conducting a webinar or by booking a free demo, or else, that list which you have created will simply remain as an email list.

Let’s all take this scenario as a live example. How many of us actually receive emails sent out by various companies which actually is found in junk emails and we overlook that email and end up deleting it?
We also need to understand that people can opt into any possible list and receive non-productive information until they are willing to pay for something productive. So, by only be spending some money we do receive value for the money spent.

Once we have an email list, you start writing healthy content about how to grow your business through network marketing in that free list. Once you receive good feedback, eventually prepare an alternate list where it’s a paid list. You will see that people will start subscribing towards that paid list. For people who have subscribed for a paid list, you need to feed them with regular and healthy content, and not the content you will be preparing to send out on the free list. The subscribers need to feel the value for their money. The subscribers here need to have that personal touch.
Free is the enemy of success.

Free is the pathway to success, but it’s the enemy of success as well, especially when your mindset is one of, “I can get everything for free, I don’t have to pay for nothing, and I can still make it.”

Types of social media platforms

List of Social Media platforms that can be used to build your client for network marketing :

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram
  7. Quora

These are some of the most powerful social media platforms that’ll help you quite a bit in terms of branding and awareness, and further help you build your brand.

It is important to link your Facebook account to your Instagram account and use the promote page/post option. These are paid promotions which helps you reach out to large masses hereby saving a lot of your valuable time. Once you select a target audience through Facebook in this way

You don’t have to go out, reduplicate your efforts over and over again. On YouTube so you can create short advertisements and use the paid promotions to cover your target audience.

Social Media Profile

It is advisable to create professional profiles on these social media platforms. Also, it is important that you should have the profile images the same across all the social media platforms since it builds consistency so people can recognize who you are no matter what platform a potential client may go to.

People may start following you and chatting with you on a particular social media channel for a while. After that, they would just disappear and in weeks may reappear back to you on a different social media platform simply because they do recognize your profile image in which they used to chat with you weeks ago.

It is also important to keep your branding message consistent all over your social media channels. You need to link your social media platforms in your MLM networks so its easier to get more information of people following you or people giving you feedback. On a click of a button, you will get to know a lot about that individual if their social media channel is linked to your network.

Maintain a contact list

We need to ensure that we have a way to gather information of the people getting in contact with you by getting their contact information so that we can reach out to them. You can also have a scheduling calendar and have a link to that calendar everywhere they go so that they can schedule an appointment you. Further, book a free consultation for approximately 20-30 minutes, and you will start seeing results.

With such platforms, you can easily see results while you create content at your ease. The internet has brought the world so close and social media has brought it even closer. I am confident you will love using social media to recruit more business in your network market. The coolest thing ever is when you start getting leads from the internet because of branding that you put out; branding and authority in the marketplace that you built because you sowed enough seeds and put enough value into the marketplace.

I hope you enjoyed reading the tips to build your network marketing list using social media. Try out this fun mode of building your client list and watch out for results!